Sunday, February 7, 2010


The culprit:

The scene of the crime:

The victim: 

Diagnosis: Broken right thumb

Level of Frustration because I did this to myself:  Extremely High!!!

The pictures tell the story, right? Divot asked to go outside, the door got stuck on snow and ice that had accumulated in the track, so I hoisted it shut with all of my weight and my finger got in the way. Then...I couldn't re-open the door to release my finger. That was a fun two seconds. I watched my nail turn purplish-black, and felt my knees wobble from the pain. Spent the better part of the afternoon in the urgent care center, but left with some pain killers--thank God! And if anyone out there ever has to have blood drained from a fingernail, fret not. It sounds horrible, but within seconds you're relieved of pain. I was a little grossed-out at first, (nail issues aren't my thang) but what a fabulous feeling when that pressure is removed! I almost didn't go to the urgent care center, thought I should buck up and just deal with the pain; even swore all the way into the X-ray room, "There's no way my thumb is broken!" Well, at least I gave the doctors and nurses a good laugh. I know I'm a nurse, but my ability to self-diagnose has never been good. Just ask my mom and husband about the time I denied being in labor.
Still working on my short, although the phrase "churning out pages" no longer applies now that I have a thumb the likes of Fred Flintstone.


Diane Vogel Ferri said...

Hope the throbbing has ceased! You'll have to tell me the labor story!

Daniel Bell said...

Holy shit, Amy! At first I thought the bandage was your thumb. Whew. Can you still type?

Persevere. That new story is going to be great. That one might make it in Plowshares.

Amy said...

I'll tell the labor story the next time I see you, Diane. I made it to the hospital in time, though.

Still having fun typing. It's taking forever to write a page. And did you mean Ploughshares, or are you poking fun by saying my story might make it into some kind of farming journal?? ;o)