Thursday, March 18, 2010

This May be It....

So obviously I haven't posted in a while. A lot has been happening here and blogging fell by the wayside, needless to say. This may be my last post--for the time being, anyway. I have to focus on my family and what's going on here at home. Nothing desperately major, mind you. My husband is leaving his job after 17 years and we're considering our options; thankfully, we have several available to us. We're fortunate my husband is successful in his line of work and many people are now knocking on his door. It's reassuring in an otherwise unsettling time. We're going to be fine, when so many other people I know right now don't have the options we have and are really struggling. I've been quite distressed these past few weeks--change and I don't get along that well. I've had hardly any time or energy to devote to writing, much less my blog. It just takes too much effort. I look at my friends who are dedicated and successful at blogging. I wish I could be more like them, but I'm a mother first, a wife second, a writer third and a blogger.....67th. Everything else takes precedence at the moment.
So thank you to everyone who has stopped by over time. I appreciate you taking moments out of your busy schedules to check in with me. I will continue to do the same for you. Blog trolling is a lot easier and less time consuming. It provides a nice break when I've hit the proverbial writing wall.

My husband hasn't had much time to work on our office, but here's how it looks so far:

He did the tile "hearth" there in front of the fireplace. Thank you, Lord, for the side projects in our lives, the ones that keep our minds off the B.S. and focused on the important things.
God Bless you all!!