Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I Have Very Talented Friends!

I'd like to draw people's attention to my talented writer's group cohorts. My friend, Diane, who started our writing group and has just had a chapbook of poems published. She's also had poems published in different journals, and she self-published her first novel a few years ago. Please click on the Coexist link on the left hand side of my blog to find out how to order her chapbook. Having a chapbook published is a big deal for a poet. Diane is very talented and I think anyone would appreciate her work. She's also a talented artist! My other writing friend, Dan, has just self-published his first novel, Nadir's Fire. You can find Dan if you follow the link for Jeff's New Motorcycle. I'd planned to take a picture of both books and upload them here, but I can't seem to find my copy of Nadir's Fire anywhere...(ahem, Dan. I've yet to receive my copy, but I guess I could go on Amazon and find it myself...). Please support these talented writers. You won't be disappointed!


Diane Vogel Ferri said...

thanks Amy - you're too kind!

Amy said...

And honest! ;o)

Daniel Bell said...

I'm ordering more of Nadir's Fire this week! Your copy is coming, never fear.

And she's right about Diane's poetry. Buy the chapbook. Worth every penny.