Thursday, October 22, 2009

Things I Like

In following some other folks in the blogosphere, and because I'd like to have two blog posts in one week instead of two in a month (as recent activity suggests) I am going to post a list of things I like. I appreciate lists such as this one. It offers insight into the inner workings of my mind for anyone who might care. Ok, the only person who's going to care is my mother, who says she's learned so much more about me since I started blogging. Hmm. The rest of you are welcome to read along and post your own list of likes on your blogs. I will come read them, I promise! Also, a caveat: I am not listing anything related to my children and husband, because as their biggest fan I could go on and on and make everyone sick. Here goes:
1. The 2009 National League Champions, the Philadelphia Phillies
2. down-filled comforters
3. email
4. autumn
5. the beach/ocean (Atlantic, especially)
6. ice cream (most any kind, but esp. Haagen Dazs Vanilla Swiss Almond)
7. NYC
8. dogs
9. sharpened pencils (black Ticonderogas)
10. early American antiques
11. '80's music (no hair bands!)
12. yoga
13. golf
14. satellite radio
15. telescopes
16. Fleetwood Mac
17. Stevie Nicks
18. Advair
19. traveling
20. Adirondack chairs
21. Cosmos
22. Smartfood popcorn
23. the Denver Broncos
24. San Francisco
25. French impressionism
26. Red Rocks ampitheatre
27. Mexican food
28. scrapbooking
29. Mad Men
30. the Cleveland Cavs
31. sleeping in
32. thunderstorms
33. fire pits
34. hammocks
35. Harrison Fisher prints (artist from early 1900's)
36. non-pareils
37. Jean Paul Gaultier perfume bottles (and the perfume itself)
38. Ghostbusters
39. Starbucks
40. sound of the garage door going up (means my husband is home! Ok, I let this one slip in)
41. some reality TV (Amazing Race, Project Runway)
42. NY style pizza
43. heated car seats
44. my faith (Episcopalian)
45. reminiscing


Anita said...

I LOVE YOUR LIST!!! I should've added Red Rocks to mine...and the kids are like puppies when they hear the garage door open..."Daddy!" You know, I really need to get that scene on video.

Amy said...

Great suggestion! I might steal it!

Janna Qualman said...

Great list, Amy!

I wonder how much was new to your mom? ;)

Paul Michael Murphy said...

Ooh. Good stuff on here. I especially like #s 9,11,33,and 38. You have eclectic tastes--French impressionism and Ghostbusters--awesome.

Could you maybe make an exception for Cinderella on number 11?

Susan R. Mills said...

Great list. Go Phillies! So glad you joined my blog. I look forward to getting to know you better.

Amy said...

No, PMM, no Cinderella! And besides it being very funny, Ghostbusters is special b/c it was the movie I saw w/my now-husband on our first date.

And welcome, Susan. I like your blog! I hope people who stop by here go over and check you out!

Tracy Edward Wymer said...

Would kill to see DMB at Red Rocks. Like the list a lot. Cosmos made me think that I left COSTCO off my list!

Anyway, Mexican food is my weakness, especially living in SoCal. Love fire pits and watching dancing flames. Sorry about NYC pizza though. While I certainly eat it, my vote stays with Chicago.

Diane Vogel Ferri said...

that must have been a challenge! I might give it a try. I think these things help us learn more about ourselves too.

Daniel Bell said...

Hope you dont' mind that I played off of your list for my "dark side" list at Jeff's New Motorcycle.

Maybe I'll come up with a positive list. But that would be MUCH harder for me.

WendyCinNYC said...

Nice list! My husband is from Philadelphia, so he's excited about the Series as well! Though it will be tough living in Yankee land.