Monday, February 16, 2009

Moving Right Along

The bookshelves are coming along nicely!! Thank you, Scott!!!!
In keeping with the fun, Q&A type of lists, my friend sent me one I think benefits us writers. Makes us embrace economical use of words, which for me is always a good thing!
Where is your cell phone? car
Significant other: Scott
Your hair: poofy
Your mother: loving
Your father: athletic
Your favorite thing: family
Your dream last night: forgettable
Favorite drink: wine
Your dream/goal: publication
Room you are in: office
Your fear: snakes
Where in 6 years? ahead
Where were you last night? home
What you are not: malicious
Muffins: comfort ;o)
One thing on your wish list: agent
Where you grew up: Colorado
The last shopping you did: rollerblades
What are you wearing? sweats
Your TV: reality
Your pet: dogs
Your computer: lifeline
Missing someone: grandfather
Your car: dirty
Something you're not wearing: rings
Favorite store: Nordstrom
Your summer: oceanfront
Favorite color: blue
Last time you laughed: yesterday
Last time you cried: loss
Makes you think!


Janna Qualman said...

Oh, your bookshelves will be fabulous! Look at all that room you'll have!

I love the Q&As, too. I think they're great to get my brain jumpstarted.

DebraLSchubert said...

Amy, Where did you grow up in Colorado? I went to Cherry Creek HS and my parents and sisters still live in and around the Denver/Boulder area.

BTW: we share the same favorite store and dream goal.;-)

Amy said...

Hi Debra~

My husband and I went to Heritage High School (grad 1985). I lived in Aurora then Littleton. I actually went to Gateway HS for one year before we moved to Littleton. I almost went to Cherry Creek! Could never beat them in tennis. And I was born in Wilmington, DE and lived there til I was 12, so I know Philly well, too. We're huge Phillies fans! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

DebraLSchubert said...

That's crazy! We lived for a while in Aurora, walking distance from Gateway HS, and then in Littleton across the street from Southglenn Mall. Our kids would have gone to Arapahoe HS (or "Arap-a-WHO?" as we CCHS cheerleaders liked to yell!). One of my best friends still lives in Heritage HS country on W. Hinsdale Drive. I see you also lived in CT - whereabouts? We lived in both Farmington ('98-'00) and East Lyme ('00-'02). Also, my sister Laurie Lazar, who graduated from CSU in '88-ish, will be 42 in May!

Amy said...

I used to hang out at Soutglenn Mall all the time! Had a boyfriend from Arapahoe, and I remember the Arap-a-who chant. Funny. And we loved Boulder. Had so much fun in our college years there. Did you ever do the Mall Crawl at Halloween? We lived in Coventry, CT (east side) from '99 to Aug of 2001. I worked per diem at Hartford Hospital and had my second daughter there. My husband works for The Hartford Insurance Co., so we were doing time in the home office. Small world, isn't it? And I'm a HUGE Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks fan. I'm totally stuck in the '70's/'80's as far as that is concerned! If you'd like to continue this traipse down memory lane, you can email me directly at: I'm sure anyone else reading this might be yawning by now! ;o)

Joanne said...

Hi Amy,
I clicked over here from Deb's site, and am not yawning! I'll actually throw a little more coincidence in the mix. Deb and I discovered our CT connection in that she lived in East Lyme, one town over from where I spend summer vacations in South Lyme (I'm a CT native, living in Glastonbury now, not too far from Coventry!) And yes, both my children were born at Hartford Hospital. As for music, nothing beats the 60s through the 80s! Enjoying the connections here!

Amy said...

How fun to "meet" you all online!! I have good friends in Glastonbury. I love Glastonbury and Farmington--both places I'd like to live in should we ever find ourselves back in CT. Thanks so much for checking in, Joanne!

Angie Ledbetter said...

Making good progress!

DebraLSchubert said...

Amy, I'm following you but I'm not showing up as one of your followers. This is true on at least one other blog I'm following. I wonder how we can get to the bottom of this great, big mystery? (BTW: Farmington was quite possibly the most beautiful town I've ever lived in. I love Glastonbury, too. Beautiful place. In fact, I met Daniel Handler aka Lemony Snicket at a private shin-dig there a few years back. It's where his in-laws live. Talk about a genius - holy smoke!!!)

Amy said...

Hmm....not sure why you're not showing up on my list, but will check it out. How neat to have met Daniel Handler!! Did he have any advice for you??

Daniel Bell said...

Holy sh*t! Your blog gets more comments in a day than mind does in a month. And you didn't want to blog. Way to go.

Amy said...

Yes, well...I'm visiting others' blogs and that helps. I've been enjoying it lately for some reason.

DebraLSchubert said...

He was the coolest and most brilliant guy I've ever met. I gave him a copy of my WIP (this was probably six years ago) which, next to Ann Coulter's unfathomable dribble, was probably the most poorly written prose ever put on paper. I'm sure he read the first page and used it as fire kindling. Like I said, he's brilliant.;-)