Thursday, May 28, 2009


I've finally caved and I'm allowing my almost 11-year old daughter read the book, Twilight. Most of her friends read this book earlier this school year--at the beginning of fifth grade. At the time, I felt the subject matter--some of which touches on teen love/lust/relationships was too mature for my daughter. But because she's worked so hard this year, has gotten exceptional grades, etc., and because she's matured a little, I felt giving her the book was just reward. She's thrilled and is devouring the book. I'm reading along with her and my jury is still out on the writing thus far. If I don't like it I probably won't say anything here (If you don't have anything nice to say....). I wouldn't want to come off as another jilted, unpublished writer throwing sour grapes at someone who has achieved success. I wish Stephanie Meyer more succes, actually. Good for her!
So with the Twilight book in the house I thought about my own "twilight" experience. I awakened this morning and just before I became fully awake, when I was in what I call my "twilight" sleep, several new ideas popped into my head for some characters in my book. I feel refreshed and energized--ready to work hard and forge ahead on my book.

This "twilight" sleep has always been helpful to me and my writing. I often get (what I feel are) my best ideas during these first few, hazy moments of the new day. The entire premise for this current WIP came during twilight sleep. I used to dismiss this time and the thoughts that arose during it. Now I find I become more conscious of my thoughts/feelings/ideas and I try, best as I can, to let go and let my mind wander. It's a wonderful experience and one I've learned to embrace as a writer.

What about you other writers out there--do you experience anything like my "twilight sleep"? And if so, what's it like for you?


Anita said...

Some of my best thoughts are right before sleeping and right before waking. And (unrelated to writing) sometimes I'll remember something totally out of the blue (as if my "inner self" knew I was forgetting it and wanted to help me out) right when I wake up...I was planning a huge party for 2nd graders and all the parents were bringing something from my list. The day before the party, I woke up and my first thought was, "I forgot to put bread on the list." (we were making sandwiches) Yay inner self! Yay good night/morning thoughts!

Joanne said...

There's no specific time for me, anything can trigger ideas. And so the ever present little writing journal in my purse, ready to jot down ideas, scenes, as I see them or as they come to me, before they get lost in the other details of the day.

Diane Vogel Ferri said...

did you ever notice if you don't write it down - it's GONE - like a dream. It does for me anyway.

Amy said...

Anita, I have the same kinds of thoughts jump into my head, too--thank goodness!! Or I'd forget a ton of stuff.

I agree w/having that little notebook, Joanne. Although I was without it a few days and a bunch of little papers accumulated on the passenger seat of my car--full of ideas/notes.

And yes, Diane. I've realized that some of the things I write down would have easily been forgotten otherwise.